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Mosconi winery: wine, music and psychology

April 24 2020

Mosconi winery: wine, music and psychology

Today we take you to the other side of Valpolicella. The winery we are going to introduce to you today lies in fact on the eastern part of Valpolicella, the so called Valpolicella allargata. Let’s learn a bit more about Marco Mosconis family, passions and wines.

Marco, Valentina and the Three Musketeers

Marco is the owner of the winery. He is a young guy on his 30s, who 15 years ago decided to realize his dream. He grew up in a family of winemaker. Thus, it was quite easy for him to understand what he wanted to do in his life. He started therefore to improve the wine making technique and to work in a sustainable way in the vineyards. However, it is not all about Marco. The winery would not be the same without her wife, the super sweet Valentina. She takes care of their guests and explains them all the secrets of her hubby’s winery with patience and kindness. Again, it would not be the same without their wonderful three kids: Pietro, Giovanni and Giacomo. In September, we love seeing them playing in the vineyards and tasting the sweet grapes to check their quality (the sugar content) before the harvest. Marco and Valentina can probably count on the great help of their Three Musketeers in the following years (and not only for the quality check!)

Valentina, the fifth one from the left, with a group of guests after the tasting
Valentina, the fifth one from the left, with a group of guests after the tasting

Music, Psychology and Wine

Wine is not the only passion people have at Marco’s winery. Even if he grew up in a family of winemakers, Marco didn’t study oenology. Instead, he got a degree in surveying and he graduated in trumpet studies from the conservatory. And what about Valentina? She is a psychologist so again something that apparently has not so much to do with wine. But music, psychology and wine have something in common: sensitivity. You need sensitivity to play a musical instrument, to understand other’s people need and to understand the secrets of the wine. This wonderful mix of different passions makes this winery really special and we love that. Last but not least, sensitivity is the key word also for their work philosophy. Mosconi winery is in fact organic certified. For some years, Marco and Valentina are also trying to follow the biodynamic approach, respecting nature and its life cycle.

Marco working in his vineyards, which are organic certified
Marco working in his vineyards, which are organic certified

From Soave to Valpolicella: Mosconi’s wine selection

As we told you before, Mosconi winery is situated in the eastern part of Valpolicella. Further east you find Soave wine region. It is therefore right at the border between Valpolicella and Soave wine production areas. This means that this winery can produce both Soave and Valpolicella. Therefore, once you start the tasting at Marco’s winery you cannot be disappointed: from red to white, from very light to super powerful, from sweet to very dry wines. Their most representative one is probably their Valpolicella Superiore. It is an outstanding wine produced only with local grapes, which are dried a little bit. Then, the wine ages two years long in oak barrels. It is a very bold and structured Superiore, almost like a baby Amarone.

Hop on a Pagus minivan to explore this winery and taste their wines! We wait for you on a Soave and Amarone tour or a Soave, lunch and Amarone tour!

A glass of Mosconi's Vapolicella Superiore
A glass of Mosconi’s Vapolicella Superiore

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